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About W. H. Frazier

45 Years of valuing, financing, selling and advising family-owned businesses.

W.H. Frazier

W.H. Frazier & Co., Inc. is a valuation consultancy. My purpose is to assist others in the preparation, understanding and use of business appraisals. After 45 years of intensive training, I have accumulated knowledge and experience which should be of great value to my clients. While I have a rich history to draw upon, the most important lesson I have learned is that valuation is a forward-looking process. Every company is different and no two valuation issues are exactly alike.  

The new firm concentrates in Business valuations for litigation or controversy purposes, advising on estate and gift tax valuation matters and consulting with family businesses regarding their succession planning, especially when firm value is involved.

Areas of Concentration

Thorough • Timely • Cost-Effective

  • Transition Consulting
  • Valuation Report Assessment
  • Dispute Services

TRANSITION CONSULTING:  Especially with smaller businesses, I am sure I can make a difference in helping the company achieve its business valuation goals which are a key component of a successful transition.    Read More

VALUATION REPORT ASSESSMENT: The strength of a taxpayer’s position in an estate or gift tax filing depends to a large extent upon the valuation report attached to the file Oftentimes, the practitioner responsible for the filing will be faced with using a report from a firm with which they have had little experience. As a measure of assurance, a second set of trained valuation eyes assessing the report makes imminent sense in this case. Because of my deep experience in this area, I can handle such assignments efficiently from a time and cost standpoint.  Read More



DISPUTE SERVICES:  This relates to expert consulting, appraisal and testimony for disputes in trusts, estates, probate and basically anywhere business value is the area of contention.  Read More


Contact Us

(214) 909-6144

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas